Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red peppers and other unmentionables

What food do you love now, that you used to hate? 

For me: avocados. Could barely get a piece down when I was little. Stomach to brain, prepare for feedback. Tomatoes. Hated them. Then there were those curried eggs my mother used to make, from Charmaine Solomon's otherwise wonderful The Complete Asian Cookbook. In a rare concession to a fussy eater my mother let me eat, instead...canned sardines. In tomato sauce. I know. Makes no sense. I would willingly eat canned sardines in tomato sauce but not a slow-simmered curry of hard boiled eggs.

And I could not stand peppers.

Now? I love avocado. It has been the most superb summer of tomatoes, ever. And I lap up peppers (recipe next door).

But those curried eggs - I think I'd rather eat Estorbo's pellets [if you want to know why the cat is wearing clothes in the link, it's a very long story about feline OCD.]

As for the sardines...

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