Monday, September 24, 2012

A short tomato story

I picked the last three, cracked tomatoes.

Brought them down to the kitchen to join a couple of small Brandywines that had been ripening indoors, and the ever-present Mexican Heirlooms.

 Sliced'em. Salted and peppered and oiled 'em.

Smothered 'em in Vermont burrata, with a lashing of terrace basil.

I never did get tired of the tomatoes. I miss them already.


  1. We came home to cracked cherry tomatoes and falling down vines....we took it all done yesterday, the basil plants, tomato cages dismantled.....I managed to get 3 last small Brandywines! Now I am craving burrata!

    It ain't over, till it's over!

  2. Still finding good tom's at the market and many, many, many tiny green yellow plums coming on the vine, so a couple more weeks if we don't have a really cold night.

    Made the Chicken Curry yesterday with green yellow plum toms and it was wonderful. (For some reason my comment on Food came up as Anonymous.) Mitchell loved it. I used Fresno chilis and took out half the seeds in an over abundance of caution. Would use the seeds next time, as even I could have used a bit more hot. Great addition to the Marie Cookbook. thanks.

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