Monday, September 3, 2012 is a Phishing Site

Beware Flip, Flipora or Infoaxe. They are all the same thing.

I received the mail above (I blacked out the prominent email address details). Everything about it looked as though my mother had sent it to me. It looked like her email address. My husband received one at the same time. But look very carefully at the sending address: very different.

It's possible that someone my mother knows received an email like this, apparently from a friend, and "signed up" for this "social network" by clicking innocently on that big red Yes!, up there.

Do not click Yes. Do not click No.

When you click Yes! Infoaxe is immediately given access to your entire email address book. It then sends this phishing email to every person in your address book, without your consent. People who mistakenly click Yes are then counted as bona fide members of their social network. They do not have members, in my opinion - they simply have stolen email addresses.

The company responsible is Flip, Flipora or Infoaxe.

Google's spam filter did not catch it for me.

If this is not phishing I don't know what is. If you receive the same email, click nothing. And forward the email to

If you use Gmail, click on the tab to the right of Reply and in the dropdown menu click Report Phishing.

Here's more good info about the spam/virus mails from Gotham Geeks.

And here is a remarkably uncritical view of the company responsible for this phishing, by Tech Crunch.
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