Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apple soup

So I thought about the apple soup, and then I made it. It is one of those wonderful things: utterly surprising, and entirely delicious. I am very happy.

The recipe is next door at (the Food).


  1. Ack! Your formatting has gone all wonky. Did you make everything full justified? Looks crazy in IE8. Also, how did the Don react to your return?

  2. Jeepers, thanks for telling me. I was living in Firefox land where all was well, and yes, and fixed now. And the Don is unimpressed, as usual...

  3. Oy, sorry about that Tzipporah, the formatting error was my fault. IE8 should now look normal. Thanks for reporting it!!!

    The Don's reaction to our return? Yawn. Where are my pellets? ;-)


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