Sunday, February 27, 2011

The calm

...before the storm of spring. Hard to believe. But this will be green again.


  1. wonderful clouds, nice contrast with the terracotta.
    It has sprung.

  2. Nature constantly amazes me! I still have 2' of snow on my beds. There are dead beige/brown stalks and seedheads above the snow that I left for the birds.. although I must confess I was lazy and left stuff I should have cut down as well. In another 6-ish weeks there will be signs of life and I will be able to get out and play in the dirt a little... Spring comes late here but it happens amazingly FAST.

  3. Hey Frank - indeed!

    Hope you're feeling better, Julie...

    Val, wow. And I'm lucky that this terrace faces east and is protected. Much warmer.

  4. I like that shot. Maxed the size up to see the city scape.

    It is hard to believe things'll green up again, but of course they will.

  5. The photo looks almost 3-D. You and I are both pushing the season, but I do think we are getting ready to warm up for good. Sure, one more light snowfall, but not a hard, HARD freeze. Started cleaning out the beds today. Hooray!

  6. I can't wait for green to come again!

  7. SUCH a beautiful pic. Portentous and brooding. Lovely. (It almost, ALMOST, had me pining for winter ;-)


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