Monday, February 21, 2011

White all around

This morning after the snow. Trees like fairy tales.


  1. Ek is uiters jaloers. Jou foto is beautiful.

  2. So you havn't missed out on snow after all ! Beautiful. And guess what ? I AM CONNECTED ALL THE TIME or at least now. Yay Telkom and Clinton. It looks permanent.

  3. You are having the best of both worlds! Enjoy the cold weather and snow - we continue to be blown away with a hot south-easter!

  4. A little kiss of snow at the end of the season can't be too bad. You wouldn't want to go the whole season without any!

  5. Beautiful? Yes, Chilly? Yes. I need Spring now.

    I noticed a link via paradis express below this post to Les Jardins de Cadiot. Ah, they're near here and are another activity for warmer days, roll on spring.

  6. Pretty! We likes...

  7. Dankie, arcadia - ja ons mense van die suidelike halfrond hou maar van sneeu.

    Anyes, si!

    Hen, still waiting for More. Very happy about the alleged Internet!

    Lyn - that southeaster seems very far away, now.

    webb - not bad at all. Quite the contrary.

    Rob - I'm still looking at your rose then and now's...amazing, the contrast.

    MIT - we does, too.


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