Monday, February 28, 2011

Got noise?

Construction at 120 Amity Street

Because we have extra if, like, you need any.



  1. Oh shit. This is going to be a long summer. I am so sorry.

    Ear plugs? The poor cat.

    Ai Yi Yi.

    xo jane

  2. This has been my world for the past year and a half---did you check and see if they have timing regulations for how early they start and how late they finish? I'm a grad student living in an undergrad dorm, and they've been doing heavy duty renovations on the brick building next door so it can become a new dorm. Unfortunately, the unions say work must start at 7 am, end at 3 pm. Next to a building lived in by college students. It's ludicrous. In the summer, I understood--it's hot out, you want to start early. But right now in the winter? Seriously? 7 am? Do you ever remember sleeping in? Because I haven't, not since August 2009. Good luck, eesh.

  3. ..........................................................................................

  4. It's inevitable and ubiquitous, part of living in NYC, unfortunately. We've had similar issues over by us for months. And oh, watch out for the influx of rats. Once the digging starts, they'll seek new shelter. Ask me how I know.

    All things must pass, eventually. Good luck.

  5. "Whad the forgue!"

    Hope they pull up the building fast and get windows in pronto.

  6. Yes, rats, also termites. The vibrations wake them up and then they tuck in with gusto to the things they had been missing whilst sleeping.

    About a decade ago, although it seems like yesterday, I had 11 months of 6-days-a-week, 7-hours-a-day pneumatic hammering. Not my fondest memory. The trees that were stripped out to make room for semi-attached suburban houses -- 200 of them -- are among my fondest memories.


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