Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kirstenbosch in Garden Design

The fruits of Gardenia lutea.

My piece about Kirstenbosch for Garden Design went live recently. Fresh pictures, new stories. More reasons to visit Cape Town!

2/7/11 -Disclaimer: there are no skunks in the Conservatory at Kirstenbosch! I read the piece hurriedly before our trip and discovered several typos, especially the one about skunks, which ought to have been skinks. While I am perfectly capable, ahem, of manufacturing my own typos in blog posts,  I tend to go over copy for paying concerns with a fine tooth comb. So until these glitches are corrected, and they have not been, yet, please take my word for it: Skunks are NOT performing natural pest control in the glass house. That role falls to the far less furry, and far better scented, skink.


  1. A lovely piece. Enjoyed both my visit to the gardens and learning a bit of history. thanks.

  2. Thanks for going over and reading, webb!

  3. Marie, ha -skunks aye, I missed that. Although I was a little concerned by those gecko "hides"! I thought, are they skinning geckos and using it to deter, err, geckos, like ranchers skin coyotes to deter coyotes? Then I reread it to have it right, but it took a moment of slowing down.

    By the way, I just learned that a friend has a piece in garden design also. He used to work under Ruth Reichl at Gourmet before they folded. If you have a moment, check it out:

  4. That was a wonderful article and was I the last to know you were writing for Garden Design?

    I think this is a big deal. Yeah?

    Oh and I read frank's friend's piece on Marfa in the magazine. Also fantastic.

    I think that was the best issue of GD ever published.

    xo jane

  5. Frank - gecko hides, so funny. I never even thought of that! Off to read your friend's piece.

    Jane, yes, I was excited about it! xo right back at ya...


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