Monday, February 28, 2011

Picnic in winter

If it is above freezing, picnics are possible. Above, the neat, staged picnic in Lynden Miller's Pier 44 Waterfront Garden. Hard light for barren garden pictures...

Below, after the barbarians have ravaged it. The pickles are half last year's bread and butter pickles, made accidentally with actual sherry, rather than sherry vinegar last year (explanation here), and employing my rooftop cucumbers, and half  'Roland' brand cornichons to which I am addicted. Both were good: soft 'n sweet versus crisp and sour. It actually makes me want to grow cucumbers again this year. Go figure. That's what winter will do to you.

So. If the sun is shining, pack a picnic and go forth, my friends. Food tastes better outdoors. It just does.


  1. Yes, I have to agree with you, food does taste better outdoors. I remember when I was a kid how I was waiting for the snow to melt and the spring to come so that we could go for a picnic. It was my favorite pass time activity. I was always asking my mom when will picnic time come and she always laughed at me saying that picnic time doesn’t come until March. And I usually asked her around January. Great picnics.

  2. My 4 year old agrees with you - he asked for a picnic on Saturday, when it was roughly 35 degrees out. Of course, he likes picnics because everything is automatically finger food at a picnic (his definition).

  3. The boy is right - it *always* tastes better from the fingers!

  4. I ate my lunch outside today. Great.


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