Thursday, May 20, 2010

Supper on the terrace

Pavillon Deneurieux, 2008, a very drinkable Côtes du Rhône selling for $9 at Heights Chateau. We're going back for a case. Perfect for early summer.

Somewhere in the comments on one of the blogs that picked up the bad chicken story, someone mentioned Union Market on Court Street. We went there today, and found a local shopping nirvana. Good fresh produce, lots of cheese, bread, small but good butchery and a fish market, and various esoterica like boutique tonic water...So we came home with a package of thick-cut lamb shoulder chops @ 6.99/lb.

Perfectly aged, they were very tender, though my knives need sharpening. I did nothing clever, just threw some lemon juice, terrace herbs (savoury, sage and thyme) and garlic at them at the last minute.

I grated some salted ricotta over an arugula salad in an attempt at recreating the salad I loved at A was good. The ricotta became pliable and tender.

The cat died and went to heaven. Vince picked off the last bits of lamb from the bones for him.

We all have our weaknesses.

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