Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exotic Plants Denmark...

I was just googling Disa cornuta as a roundabout way of finding my own picture on my own website (blogger has its limitations). This googling of mine all apropos of a nice letter from a botanist in Germany who would like to use some of my disa photographs for an exhibition in Hannover.

Then I found my photograph on a website advertising and selling exotic seeds. And they have the nerve to copyright their own content!

There is no contact information whatsoever on the website. Feedback is clearly not required.

And I know that photo theft is inevitable which is why some people put those awful watermarks on their images.

But I am cross.

Update: 5-19 -10 - Exotic Plants has removed my picture from the website, and apologized.


  1. UGH! Now I'm cross too. The nerve! What a coincidence you would run across it like that. I stopped doing watermarks because I realized anyone with half a clue could either crop them off or clone them right out of the photo. Where there's a will there's a way, sometimes unfortunately...

  2. I'm confused! Isn't the fact your blog has its own copyright, a prohibiting factor to this type of behaviour? Or it is on an honour basis that it all works...I'm very new at this, I'll look it up

  3. Is this any help? If you start to "buy" some of the seeds, on the next page, along with the pricing and shipping costs, the following email address appears at the top:


    Probably all their pictures are swiped.


  4. m. yeah, you're right. It's amazing that most people work on trust and that most people are actually upstanding.

    Anyes - legally, any published material one puts out is copywritten. Enforcing that is another issue entirely.

    Thanks, Simba, I found it and have contacted that account. I'm going to follow up, for my own education, on what one can do to report copyright infringements like this.

    I have no sympathy for anyone making a profit and using other peoples' work to advertise. It's so easy to get permission.

  5. Marie; In the upper left section of your blog page is a google search box for your blog. If you type in Disa cornuta, you can find the picture you are refering to in a previous blog...Sunday, January 4, 2009.


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