Monday, May 3, 2010

The return of the tomatoes

Last year I purchased a single Mexican heirloom cherry tomato from GRDN, the pretty little plant store in Brooklyn, and brought it home and up the stairs and out to the terrace in its quart pot. By summer's end it was a four foot giant in a large container, weighing heavily on the wrought iron tuteur propping it up.

Frankly, after eating them every day, every which way...I got tired of cherry tomatoes.

So I planted the new David Austin rose in their planter.

But then, two days ago, I looked down at the gravel on the terrace floor. And there was a clutch of leggy tomato seedlings, leaning towards the light. Saaaaaaaaave uuuuuuuuuuuus!


So I transplanted five to a small pot, where they are recuperating from their journey into the light. That's what winter does, see? It gives us a break from real tomatoes. And then we want them again.

They will get too big soon, and then I will have to find a new home for the fittest. If you need cherry tomatoes, and live in the 'hood, let me know. There are more in the gravel and I know I can't just abandon them.

All we need now is basil.


  1. Too bad my latitude doesn't cover the 'hood...
    (And no sign of my fall-planted garlic.Boo hoo)

  2. Do Cherry tomatoes fly West? Just wondering...

  3. I'll take one! Or two. Just let me know whenever you're ready and I'll happily come and pick up the little adoptees.

  4. hahahaha...just when you thought they were out of your life...

    I could think of worse things than cherry tomatoes.

  5. Sorry about your garlic dinahmow - suspect it got soggy down there :-(

    Anyes, Hmm, maybe if I throw hard :-)

    Ellen - got it, readying the Bustelo cans as we speak!

    Thomas - yes, let's talk again when you've been eating radishes for two weeks straight, hahahaha!


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