Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bluebells in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's bluebells on April 27th, above. Not a flower in sight.

May 2nd, five days later.

The bluebells really are spectacular in full bloom, which is this week. More pictures will follow.


  1. I try and I try, but I can't seem to get English bluebells to work for me. I planted them in Carroll Gardens. I've planted them in Westchester. They come up looking anemic and never bloom. I researched what they like and I think I place them in appropriate spots. Does it just take more than a year for these wee bulbs to get established and bloom? I wanted the English because they are supposed to be fragrant, but I wonder if I will eventually have to settle for the Spanish which are larger and don't seem as wildflowery.

  2. Hi Klaus

    Good question. The BBG bluebells are Hyacinthoides hispanica 'Excelsior', so...not English, with which I have no personal experience.

    Hyacinthoides non-scripta are the English ones, and I wonder why you are having problems...Anemic. Odd. Let me do some research.


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