Monday, May 24, 2010

Supper on the terrace

In the privacy of our four walls, things happen:

The man tells the cat stories, that the cat pretends to believe...

We fill our glasses to the top...

I met our terrace neighbour. She popped up like a meerkat while I was potting up the basil plants in the dusk and introduced herself. She is Danielle, and a criminal defence lawyer. With both of us standing on chairs to see over our respective walls, we talked about roses and gardenias, identified her camellia, and I threw over a baggy of Rose Tone for her plants. She plays baseball, so catches well.


  1. LOVE the picture of cat and man, in the terrace candlelight.

  2. Eating "out" never looked better. :)

    P.S. I finally got my fig trees!

  3. Your little corner looks cozy and romantic. And your cat intelligent.

  4. Great photographs. Food (and wine!) tastes so much better when eaten outdoors on a balmy evening.

  5. Karen , I liked it too. Listening to them was even better.

    Thomas - :-) and Yay!

    Cornel - cosy, yes that's a good word. Better than Tightsqueeze...The cat...Ah, the cat.

    LTCupcakes - yes they do.

  6. A lovely post, with so much rich imagery. I, too, like the story-telling. :-)

  7. Giving away Rosetone is truly neighborly.


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