Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rose garden

My office, yesterday...

And some good company:

La Reine

Perle d'Or

Mme Ernst Calvat

Henry Hudson

Harison's Yellow


Albertyne obscured by rose bush, must find out.

And a bunny.


  1. That's my kind of office! Marie, thanks again for the piracicaba broccoli seeds again. They are growing great!

  2. What great "cube mates" you have! Does Perle d'Or always dress that well?

  3. I like the Henry Hudson(s) and the bunny.
    (which outside of this post comment makes no sense at all as a sentence)

  4. It gives a whole new meaning to "I'm going to the office"...
    I love La Perle d'Or's outfit.

  5. My Mom wants your office. i want the bunny.

  6. Ahh...that unnamed is 'La Belle Sultane.' A rampant spreading gallica type that seems to have popped up in multiple places throughout the garden unlabeled. Hmmm...perhaps you would want to take a break from weeding and help with labeling?!

  7. Thomas - I'm so glad!

    webb - Perle has sharp tongue, no matter what she wears....

    m - ha!

    Lambert - good name for a band, though.

    Anyes - it's bit like working in a green oxygen tent. One imagines.

    Simba - stay away from the bunny!

    S - thank you! It's a gorgeous flower. But I'll look after one of its spreadaing parts on my terrace if you like!


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