Friday, May 7, 2010

Bluebell Woods the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


  1. Isn't Spring awesome? Love the colours

  2. I thought I had cornered the market on woods hyacinths, but clearly not! These are gorgeous. They are easy to grow. I bet you could manage a pot of them...?

  3. Anyes, I wish it would go on and on.

    Webb, hmm, but then I'd have to look at the empty pot while they were recuperating. Good for a bigger space, I think :-)

    Hola Leenn!

    Lambert - go today!

    Ellen - these are are so greedy :-)

  4. Hello, I just found your blog last week. I'm from Pennsylvania, but I was in NYC with a friend on Friday and we made our first visit to the BBG. I have almost the same shots of the blue bells... I wonder how closely our paths may have crossed?! It's a lovely place. If you ever visit the Philadelphia area, I recommend the Morris Arboretum. My favorite local haunt.


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