Saturday, May 29, 2010

Amelanchiers in the city

On Friday evening I heard part of an interview on WNYC with Ava Chin, who writes a foraging blog for the NYTimes and she said, Blablabla mulberries.

Doh! I'd forgotten that the time is Now.

It was 6pm but I packed a bag and rushed out, heading for the park between the bridges where Eric and Mimi told me I'd find a tree. I need pictures for a piece I'm working on. I didn't find the tree. But I did find my June berries. I grazed and picked, and no one bothered me.

I will bake something.

(I miss you, Marijks)


  1. And did you know these tasty berries, with broad-ranging distribution across N America, were a very important ingredient of pemmican (that mysterious native American food so poorly described in our grade-school textbooks)? LOL

  2. Yes, I did. I found that fascinating...


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