Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And age shall not weary them...

If it is best for the young and beautiful to die young and beautiful, and not to experience the vicissitudes of old age, it is best for us that they persevere and grow old ahead of us, casting rose petals as they go, to show the way...

Last night at a dinner to honour volunteers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 89 year-old Elizabeth Scholtz, Director Emeritus (top, right) bestowed upon her friend, Esther 'Faity' Tuttle, 99, an award for a lifetime of service to the BBG.

What both of these women seem to have in common, is a capacity for joy. They are interested. Willing to be pleased and consequently, pleasing. To both, the concept of retiring is anathema.

Below, Mrs Tuttle.

On the other hand, a psychotherapist (she introduced herself as such: Hello, I'm so-and-so and I'm a psychotherapist) asked me, Why would you volunteer at the BBG to do what you do every day? This with a cold gleam in her eye, before she tore her chicken dinner apart in her hands.

Because I enjoy it, I said.

It seems like a busman's holiday, she said, looking as though she had scored a point.

I smiled.

But tell me so I understand, she persisted, inbetween gnawing, Don't you have enough of it, every day, for your work?

No, I said.

And continued eating my chicken, neatly.
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