Friday, May 14, 2010

What was I thinking?

There are three of them. In the pot with the Lilium 'Dunyazade' and the fennel. I was wondering what on earth they were. They opened today. Not only are they red, but they are Asiatics. I don't like red lilies and I don't like Asiatics. They are brash. Loud. Contrived. Crowd pleasers. Glad handers.

What? - you say, You with the terrace painted that colour, hello?


What came over me? More troubling, when did I do it? Order them? Plant them? Not this spring, certainly. This spring I planted native Lilium superbum a (bright orange!) recurved (hence elegant) lily. Also the Formosas. White, simple, trumpet shape. Pointing forward, not up.

I am going to have to search my emails for orders, and find out what on earth was going on. Perhaps I sleep-order lilies and sleep-plant them? Is this a sign of something? Disturbance, unreconciled and suppressed personalities?


  1. At least it's only lilies. I have been known to ask myself that question about sofas, clothes, shoes.....

  2. I got orange asiatics from my brother in law. I took the gifts and planted them. Amazingly, they are being outcompeted by some millefolium yarrow.

    I like orange, but these are like a leopard leotard.

  3. Not a fan of red, either, but those are gorgeous! I would plunk them down in my blue/pink/lavender garden in a heartbeat. Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone. Yowzer!

    ps: If you really hate them, I'll send you my address and pay the postage!!

  4. Ha, Frank - Achillea really wants world domination.

    Rachel, you reminded me of a very loud garden I designed about 8 years ago: the planters were butter yellow, and the plantings were red, and blue. Red climbing roses, something Meideland (they repeated) blue catnip and lavender, and red, yup, Asiatics.


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