Monday, May 10, 2010

This is no spring chicken!

OK - I am going off-topic for a second here, but I am just amazed:

I've just taken the label off an organic chicken bought from Key Food on Atlantic Avenue, between Clinton and Court Street. The minute I smelled the chicken as I took off its packaging something was off. So I looked carefully at the label.

The original label with sell by date appeared to have been partially torn off (half an old label was visible), and a larger label stuck over it. From the back of the label I could read an original sell by date: May 5. The label stuck over reads May 16. ELEVEN days later.

Presumably it's because D'Artagnan, organic, costs more than 'regular' chicken, though at $3.99 a lb this one seemed lower than usual...Hm. So maybe the more expensive chicken was not moving...

This store recently acquired new management. This possibly because of serious health violations for which they were cited in April.

And I have no grilled chicken for dinner.

Update 5-17-10: After the Brooklyn Paper picked up this story it was posted on Gothamist and a couple of other blogs. So hopefully the word is out. The Health Department visited the next day, according to the Brooklyn Paper's Andy Campbell, who called me about the story. They found no violations, apparently, though I have yet to hear from them in writing. I imagine that's because the D'Artagan chickens were sold out. I had bought the second to last fowl.

I am curious that the Health Department never asked to see the label or the chicken.

Presumably I may now bury the evidence, kept in the freezer. Anyone know of a good epitaph for an organic chicken gone bad?

I no longer shop for chicken at Key Food.

Update 5-25-10: it is not illegal to re-label potentially spoiled meat. Per Huffington Post.
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