Thursday, November 6, 2008

Victory dinner

I popped my bottle of bubbly, my favourite bubbly, Perrier Jouet with dots on the e. I am too lazy to go into MSWord (yes, it's a PC) to write it and then paste. So there. I have been drinking Prosecco in lieu of champagne this year. It is often a Friday treat. Price and preference.

Prosecco is less austere than champagne, but it does not lack backbone. Champagne can be all backbone. Like drinking a Puritan. At least that's what Veuve Clicquot seems like to me. There's a yeasty bitterness I dislike. Moet is similar though not as heavy. Bollinger is beyond me, but yummy. Crystal is just stupid and bought for one reason alone: to show off... Of course different vintages and different non-vintages make all the difference but I don't drink enough to know.

I started buying more economical champagnes a couple of years ago - Duval Leroy, Nicholas Feuillatte, both good and in the low $20 range, and the beautifully labelled RM Coutier, never to be found again after my wine store ran out. Delicious. So the Perrier Jouet with the pretty flowers on the botttle was a celebration, and I am having another glass as I write.

Roast chicken. No more need be said.

Pan gravy. Such an American expression. Otherwise it is just gravy. Not something I have made in forever. It's been pan juices and jus for years. Reductions with a slosh of wine, no more. This had cream in it. But this November 5th required roast chicken AND pan gravy.

South Africans like yellow rice and raisins. When I was little it might be served at lunch on a Sunday, with the roast lamb or chicken. The rice is cooked with a little turmeric and raisins are added. I had barley. So did the same to it, much to its surprise. It was very good.


  1. Perrier-Jouët, yum. Well, you can cut and paste from here if you'd like. :-) Roast chicken. Sigh. I wish I was there celebrating with you...

  2. Looks so yummy!! Wherever you are you can hold down the ALT button and type "0235" on the number pad. wëëëëë! Unless there is no number pad... then I am not sure.


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