Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Fennel seeds ready for picking
Label three garden designs
Paint third one
Find evergreen wreaths
Call cat sitters and co ordinate
Passport pictures for citizenship interview
Copies of all tax info for same
Document addtl travel dates, ditto
Triple check Ever Ready really is open Friday for design copies
Kitchen Arts and Letters, Lexington Avenue
Lafco, Lafayette
Get a box from post office
Hold mail
Mail box
Put presentation on disc
Tin tray from Metropolitan shop!
Hiking boots


  1. Nice list. I'd personally insert a deep breath between each item but that's just me. I like breathing.

    When lists are long and intense, so is life. :-)

  2. Good luck! (I know what this can be like.)

  3. On behalf of Don de la Bodega, I must ask: WHERE IS "PET THE CAT"?


    That's a deep breath, not Prelude to a Curse :-)

    MIT, Merci.

    Sigrid - but that goes without saying! That is my therapy :-) =^^=

  5. Don't know if this will help, but you can get your passport photo taken at the PO (costs more, but is convenient, if you combine it with picking up the box you need and/or dropping off the box to be mailed). You can also email your PO and ask for free carrier pickup of your (ready to be mailed, including postage paid, which you can do online) package on the next mail delivery day. And you can request online to have your mail held...

    Glad that petting the cat is therapy for you...Estorbo looks like a wonderfully silky cat, and we've all heard his fantastic deep purrrrrrr.

  6. QC - I did not know about the passport pics. All post offices do that? I have a POBox in SoHo...

    I know you speak for the Inner Sanctum, but for us outsiders standing in those lines is very. difficult. My record is 44 minutes. Then the supervisor took more than 10 minutes to show and I departed with very high blood pressure. Thanks for the tips.

  7. I have lots of fennel around my garden. I love to eat the seeds, just like aniseed balls. x

  8. Hi Marie, sorry i didn't see your response until just now. Not all PO's can take passport photos, but if you go to usps.whitepages.com/passport, it'll show you POs that do, plus their hours of operation. Sorry about the lines...that's horrendous...that's also why we (mumble mumble i sound like a company prole don't i) are trying to make so many services available online.

  9. huh...just noticed i could select "email follow-up comments to quiltcat..."...never saw that option before!


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