Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Party in Cape Town

My mom's 75th birthday is coming up next week and today in Cape Town, they celebrated with a lunch under the tree.

But the real present, I suspect, was James Grace, who came to play for an hour before lunch.

Thanks to Guy Louw for sending me the pictures!

My mom, middle, and my brother Anton right, if my eyes do not deceive. He is elusive, so one can never be sure. It could be him. On her right, James Small. Who is not small.

Above - usually lunches under the tree are an All Mother affair, but today lunch was outsourced to spare the toil. I would venture to say it was not quite the same!


  1. Dis 'n pleseir, Poppie!

  2. Lovely pictures of your Mum! She looks wonderful...maybe 60! And what a nice birthday party.

  3. Perhaps, another "lunch under the tree" very soon...?

  4. A very very happy birthday to your mom, Marie!!!


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