Monday, November 17, 2008

Cat Sitter Search

[Who weel loogh after me een the weenter???]

Estorbo's cat-sitter arrangement for December through February fell through, and I am looking for someone who can either live-in with him, or someone to whose house he can move for two months. Remuneration negotiable and all supplies provided.

As well as lots of black cat love, backchat and unsolicited witticisms.

Possibly some of this blog's leaders have leads, and thanks to Halloween's yooman for her suggestion a while ago.

If anyone has any ideas please contact Estorbo directly or me at marieyviljoen(at)gmail(dot)com
Thank you!


  1. Marie, I'll ask around. xo Pritha

  2. i don't suppose himself would want to come to Virginia to be an indoors cat with 4 others...i certainly hope you find a good solution.


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