Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lil Frankie's

Above: Pizza polpettine = teeny weenie meatballs. Mine, all 12" of it.

We lucked out at work twice in a row when El Jefe sprang for pizzas all round. Not just pizzas: Lil Frankie's pizzas. Lil Frankie's on 1st Ave at 1st Street has unexpectedly good food. I don't know why unexpected. Just that so many people walk past and have no idea. It is really good. The wood oven roasted, lemony chicken is delicious, and tastes like home. The pizzas are minimalist by some standards, with real mozzarella and toppings that are almost incidental.

Below: Pizza Angelina = arugula on mozzarella with cherry tomatoes. Ordered by the vegetarian Natalie.

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