Monday, November 17, 2008


Winter supper:

The beautiful beets were turned into borscht: thinly sliced onion sauteed with rashers of pancetta, grated beets, the leaves, chopped, some cloves of garlic, a bulb of fennel with leaves, chopped, a carrot, sliced, juniper berries, peppercorns, a little sugar, 3 Tbps sherry vinegar and about 8 cups chicken stock. Lemon juice at the end.

Greek yoghurt with some crushed garlic stirred into it, to top it off.

And a perfectly ripe persimmon (took about 4 days at home to ripen) for dessert.


  1. I just remembered (out of nowhere)a piece of wisdom I think I should share with you:

    - What should you do when your husband is running in zig-zag in the garden?

    - Keep shooting.

    Love, your Sister-In-Law

  2. I just ate my first persimmon yesterday....who knew how tasty they were...

    I wish I could come sit with beautiful is too far...

  3. You photograph food so beautifully. I just *can't* seem to get the hang of it....sigh...


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