Saturday, November 8, 2008


Zis weekend, ma Frrrench 'usband-uh, weell be makeen' flan.

Een Canada.

I am so luckee zat 'e ees Frrrrench!

Uzzerwise, 'e would not be able to make-uh...flan!

Maybe, eef I am nice to 'eem, 'e weell mail me a piece!
Or geev me ze recipe?


  1. Ah! I have the formula:

    Beence = Frenchie => Flan
    Marie = S'African => Roast Chicken
    :. Beence + Marie => Happy Estorbie

  2. Lyk soos melktert vir my. Lekker!

  3. Damn it's looking better and better Bro...

  4. I see Estorbo's influence here, since i bet Vince would call it creme caramel...Must be fun to overhear conversations at your place with French, S. African, and Dominican feline accents all speaking English *g*.

  5. Guy - what a mind! :-)

    Jay - ja, baie na.

    Sigrid: he is obsessed.

    Quiltcat: Nope. Flan it is, if your are French. Creme caramel is eggs and milk and no crust. This has a little starch in it (maizena/cornflour), as well as a crust.

  6. The theen' ees made weeth meelk, probablee low fad kaka lighe whad was een my bowl thees morneen'. Where ees my halp and halp? Eed ees Satorday.
    Are we een a recession or sormtheen'???

  7. All right class, recreation is over, back to your place please. Today we are going to correct a few common misconceptions about flan.

    - d'abord: flan isn't creme caramel at all. We abbreviate it to flan but the full name is flan pâtissier, probably from the cream with the same name;

    - ensuite: we would normally use the richest milk available but since Vancouver is a weird place, we usually only manage to find 3.25% milk instead of whole milk, and since we didn't go to school, we don't know la différence.

    - enfin: Guy's formula wasn't bad but really, when it comes to flan, one must incorporate an entire national legacy into the cooking, making sure that there is a good balance of bras d'honneur et snobisme.

    Voila. Tomorrow, we'll study the fascinating case of a black cat transplanted without his consent into a Southern French environment and having to cope with 2-tone cicadas, Mediterranean fish bones and a new-found love for Petit- Suisses.

  8. Merci, professeur Beence. I had wondered about the crust, too, since i don't recall that being part of either creme caramel or Latin American flan. Je comprends maintenant.

    Poor Estorbo, my cats made me stop at the grocery store on the way home from a concert tonight...they didn't care that it was 11 p.m. and i was really tired...we were almost out of half and half at home! I'm so lucky they let me have some of it for my coffee...

  9. How I could do with a slice of this right now. Loooks luurverly! x

  10. This is creme caramel? Lord have mercy...

    1. Now I wonder if Lavinia ever did looked up and realised the comments before hers explaining no, it's not creme caramel, it's flan pâtissier.

    2. I am so glad you left a comment on this old post, because I had forgotten about it! And it is funny. Indeed, poor Lavinia.


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