Saturday, November 15, 2008

Borough Hall Farmers' Market

I came home from the farmers' market with a huge sack of beetroot, leeks and sweet potatoes, as well as three perfect red apples, called Roma. I have so much fruit at the moment that I had to hold back: three persimmons ripening, a bowl of clementines...

The beetroot were gorgeous, their leaves in perfect shape, and are destined for borscht. The leeks will have to be leek and potato soup with pancetta, and some will go into the borscht, too. They were a very good deal at $3.50 a bunch, and the bunch weighed about 4lbs.

The sweet potatoes: bake for about an hour in their skins at 425'F; split, drop some cold sweet butter into the steaming interior and dribble over a capful of maple syrup. Salt, fresh black pepper, and you are in heaven.

Gorgeous chard, passed over, but reluctantly. Visions of spanokopita.


  1. LOL! Only you manage to make me hungry by just showing raw veggies... ;-)

  2. Hello! I just wanted to say how much i LOVE your blog! I just found it today - and it's full of super good things! I'm going to read back through your archives for the next hour or so and enjoy! Thanks a bunch for being good! xx pip

  3. Beence, well, you like Bagna cauda...

    Thank you, Pip...there's lots to eat and drink here.


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