Monday, November 3, 2008

Saving America

[Picture courtesy of: Brooklynometry]

Amarilla has a wonderful picture of what she calls an Obamakin, on a local stoop. It's similar to the Barackitti top left on this blog.


  1. Hm, aren't pumpkins supposed to have scary faces on them? Seems to me like this one is meant to be hugged... (OK, maybe I'm pushing this a bit too far, hugging a politician... Beerk) :-)

  2. Well, maybe Obama can scare America straight. So to speak.

    Gay Chris says he will turn straight tomorrow if it will help Obama win. Atheist Marie will become a Christian. Vegetarian Natalie will eat a steak. Estorbo will hug a dog. We'll do anything.

    In the meantime I'll light some candles...:-)


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