Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pyrus calleryana - the Bowery

Here we are. The weak-crotched tree again. Unlike the unhappy humans with the same affliction, the trees have many redeeming qualities. When I find it I will post the spring picture for comparisons' sake.

These are on the Bowery at Stanton, and share the white painted trunks of their neighbours the hawthorns, on the same property. I like to imagine a homesick Italian immigrant faithfully painting them to reflect sunscald in winter, in the days when the Lower East Side was still home to Lady Liberty's invitees...

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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Bradford pears (or those who plant them). They can be boring if planted as an urban shade tree if there are no other trees around. I know the wood's brittle and the crotches are weak, and the trees are short-lived. On the other hand, in Sprng they're covered with this wonderful nimbus of flowers and at this time of year their foliage is glorious. They're planted along a piece of the Interstate i take everyday to work and i enjoy looking at them as they change.


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