Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad wine blues

Pictured with my weekend farmers' market haul is a wine recommended at my wine store, when they saw me looking for a Gigondas under $20. I should have known when it was described as leaf mould/green olive-y that there would be a problem. Leaf mould. I don't know. It was awful.

It is exceedingly rare that I toss a wine down the drain but that's where the rest of the glass went. It was not corked, just horrid. Sour, dead on the palate. Cooking with it would make whatever I cooked taste bad too, so now I sit with it. 2007 Cheverny, Le Domaine du Moulin: Pinot Noir and Gamay. Avoid.


And tonight I bought a bottle of overpriced South African Chenin Blanc, made by the fabled Teddy Hall.

It was a 2006, and as flat as a pancake, though the wood was still evident, and that's about all.

So I am cross.


My guilty pleasure to wash away the nastiness, though I mess with the timeline. Hey, it's my blog. This was laaaast week. A...blush...Moscato. In other words: sweet. That explains it, they crow! She has no taste, of course she hated a wooded Chenin Blanc and a risky red. She's a cretin.

No man. Those two were bad. I know bubbly Moscato is not serious, not proper, is naive, is shallow...but...I liked it!

Look, root vegetables. That proves I have gravitas.

And it's good for sipping chopping vegetables (I chop vegetables instead of chopping people), or dessert. It tastes just like the Moni's grape juice I drank as a child on special occasions, when the adults were quaffing special wine.

Thash my shtory an I'm schticking to it.

Thinks: maybe that's why I almost sliced my thumb off!


  1. This timeline is indeed as complicated as a bad Transylvanian story... But come to think of it, bad red wine will fit in well.

  2. "Look, root vegetables. That proves I have gravitas."

    Hilarious! I Laughed out loud.


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