Sunday, November 2, 2008

Treats: define

I was amused yesterday evening when I realized with what anticipation I was unpacking my few Saturday afternoon purchases from their deep RENEWABLE (sigh) bag...I was suddenly aware of how much I like unpacking things I have bought. There is an air of discovery about it. Something about to happen. And then I understood that I was considering these things treats. And wondered what, actually, constitutes a treat?

Now Doritos, for example, you would think would be a treat. But no. Doritos are medication, and a necessity in times of crisis. In fact I measure the crisis by whether or not it warrants, or results in, a bag of Doritos...Small bag, bad, but not so serious. Large bag - that's an 8 on the Dorito Richter scale. Things are crumbling.

But back to brussels sprouts. I like brussels sprouts. After they have roasted with a little olive oil in a hot oven they become sweet and nutty.

And half and half? I know that it is a treat for the cat, whose absorbed expression as he concentrates on lapping it up makes me happy. And I know that I will sneak a slosh of it into my weekend coffee. I enjoy that bowl or cup of coffee so much anyway that it's hard to imagine the extra frisson the creaminess will give it. So yes, a treat.

Organic butter. A treat because I feel so self satisfied about it. And because it will melt on the fresh-from-the-pan flapjack next morning, along with the coffee in bed, with a book.

The Finn Crisps are a treat even though I have a constant supply of them. They are so crisp. And a new box means I will not have to worry about having two extra with butter and cucumber, or chicken liver pate, or cheese, or red pepper paste and a drink in the early evening, because there will be plenty left.

And the orzo. A $2 treat because of its delicious cooked texture: slippery, soft, but not too soft, somehow like decadent rice, not bought with a plan, but to be kept for when there is no plan.

The cheese. More in the traditional mould of what treat may mean. Uber fat content. Sheeps' milk which seems creamier. $5 less than Robiola Due Latte. And still not exactly cheap at $10, so the treat comes in the price tag, too, but with the satisfaction of having a comparable mouthfeel for so much less...

Today's treats are as follows and were picked up after a visit to friendly Tony of Tony's Hardware on Smith Street, who had some good advice for me. But back to the treats: wild boar saucisson, made in NY State, corn tortillas, hand made, from Hot Bread Kitchen here in Brooklyn (and featured in the summer 2008 edition of edible Brooklyn), and a slab of Vermont bacon - all from Stinky (I love you, man!). The leeks that look like scallions are from my terrace and are currently bubbling away with some of the bacon in a chili for a cold Sunday night.


  1. As far as I am concerned, the treat list could have stopped after the butter. ;-)

  2. Everything from Stinky Brooklyn is a treat to me. They're the best! I also consider any freshly baked loaf of bread an extravagant treat.

  3. Brussel Sprouts are treats... I posted some a few days ago as well actually :) I picked out a lovely bunch at the Grand Army Plaza farmer's market.

  4. Beence, how about a buttered brussels' sprout. Brussel Sprout..erk, confusion: anyway, you can do it!

    Ann - Ooh, yes, real bread. Yum.

    Vanessa - Estorbo is going to fall in love with your kitty.


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