Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tilia Beginning to Bloom

The Shake Shack tree on 1st and 1st.

Last year, for the first time, I noticed tilia. I don't know why it took so long: I've been in New York for seven years. But last June I was walking up Union Street from Park Slope to Cobble Hill and was overwhelmed by this scent. It was a day with thick thunderclouds overhead and the trees seemed very green and huge. And only barely perceptible beneath them were these tiny, fluffy flowers. I've been waiting for them this year and just today I noticed the scent over the Shake Shack when I went there for coffee this morning. (Don't get coffee there, BTW - but do get the fresh juice - it's yummy. Have coffee next door at the Tasting Room which is now open for breakfast and lunch). Anyway, here is Tilia, probably Tilia americana, or Linden tree. This is also the lime tree I read about for so long in Tolstoy and Turgenev's books: avenues of lime trees. I thought it was strange that citrus could survive in Russia. Now I know. Bees love its flowers and one can buy tea, too, also made from the flowers. Good for colds. It's going to be smelling good for about a month. For the best experience walk up Union Street in Carroll Gardens over the Gowanus Canal...the gardens are old school, with interesting roses and old trees, and the scent will be, dare I say it, intoxicating. And one of the most interesting gardens in New York (I think) is on the sidewalk beside the canal on the Park Slope side. Have dinner at Al di la in the Slope or The Grocery in Carroll Gardens. Hey, this is a great date idea! I should market this...

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  1. Gosh - thanks for sharing these botanical snippets. I didn't know that when I went for coffee all I had to do was look up! And divert for better coffee next door.


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