Friday, June 29, 2007

Holy Guacamole

Uno: Three avocados, sliced and roughly choppped; 1/4 red onion finely chopped; half cup cherry tomatoesquartered; half bunch scallions, finely sliced; juice of 3 lemons, salt and lots of pepper

Dos: two wooden spoons: stamp up and down on guacamole ingredients in a big bowl. Stamp with respect.

Tres: Then add half a bunch of cilantro finely chopped. And a good shake of red chile flakes, or a whole jalapeno pepper, chopped. Taste for seasoning: you can't really have too much lemon/lime.

Result: Very urban picnic: Sarah D. Roosevelt Park.


  1. What a lovely lunch - and such a nice photo. Shame on me, I stole it and put it on my blog (I told you - I forgot my camera in the office!!!). Don't worry, I gave you credit. Even though I did doctor the photo just a touch to show where we all were! :-) thanks for the Guacamole!

  2. Thanks for the WINE! Yay the Kiwis and screwcaps...


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