Saturday, June 2, 2007

Shrimp and mahi mahi on the bbq

The shrimp I mardinated for a couple of hours in finely chopped garlic, thyme, red chile and lime juice. The mahi mahi was slathered with Total Fage Greek yoghurt, chopped mint from the terrace and salt and pepper. I was thinking of the lamb I wanted to take out to Fire Island this weekend - my mom smothers it with the same mixture plus a lot of garlic, after butterflying. This worked deliciously (sans garlic which would have killed the fish) on the mahi-mahi, and the leftovers I flaked and covered in clarified butter as a sort of potted fish for melba toast. I don't think it qualifies as pate.


  1. Beautiful shrimp! Good thing someone mentioned using skewers! :-)

  2. Thank you Someone: you're BRILLIANT!

  3. Just to say I was there to sample / feast on it all - the shrimp and mahi mahi were delicious! am glad you've posted the recipe.


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