Wednesday, June 13, 2007

#4 East 65th

Paeonies at the Union Square Farmers' market. I would have bought some but had far to go (like Thursday's Child - I was born on a with bags and bags of flowers in a cab. I adore these paeonies, they're like something living and breathing from a Dutch still life. They make my house look beautiful if they're in it.

Rosa "New Dawn" hanging over the 7th floor balustrade at East 65th.

Lilies and roses not as fat as last year's. So I fed them more and we'll see what happens.

Bought bags and bags of summer annuals at the market to plant at my two terraces on East 65th. Met flower farmer Tom who has a farm in Ireland (apart from his nursery here) and who was in in the merchant marines and visited Cape Town: the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and I've seen it all, he said. He was here in '67 and '68. He caroused in the Navigator's Club with sailors from Russia and France (??)...

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