Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Greenroofs at the Solaire

More amelanchier, this time on a roof, planted in no more than 12" soil (known as intensive planting). Yes, I ate these too, but Brendan, our guide was afraid, and wouldn't. I'm still alive Brendan...wait. Eugh...ghgh!! Choke! Gasp!

Rather odd, these roses...but interesting anyhow.

And on the top of the building, with scary strong winds and a spectacular and rare view, the extensive greenroof, with typical, but still attractive, sedum-plantings.

Got to get that close up...Marijke the botanist.

A nice, industrial view of the vents.

This building is quite something. We showed up without an appointment to look at their greenroofs, and were very lucky to be given a rundown and breakdown of the building's Green concept, by Michael Gubbins, vice president of the Albanese Organization (, who developed the Solitaire, and who was really generous with his time. Brendan Rains gave us the tour of two gardens and was very patient while Natalie, Marijke and I took many photos and ate berries that must have made him think of lawsuits...


  1. Had a real giggle at your berry annecdote. Speaking of which, my botanical specimen ended up inside my camera bag....I only discovered this after several camera sorties. In fact found the squished remains at B&H while trying to make space for the new generation...and unceremoniously deposited said specimen on the white desk! O vee.

    I feel quite emotional about my nikon - as if buying a new camera is an act of that nuts?

  2. Yes, that's nuts.

    Congratulations, though! It's a whole new era for you. I look forward to the pictures...

  3. Glad you had fun, and the berries didn't kill you. -Brendan


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