Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greenroofs bedondered.

This ratty sketch is how the grass will grow on the Irvine roof IF the project happens. NBC is hot to trot and the client is now a little camera shy, if $'s and appearance fees are not involved. Hm. That's not gonna happen - so again. Wait and see.

Below, our greenroof No. 2 in as many weeks. Met these guys yesterday: PSYOP TV saw me on tv... I thought, when I walked into this large, airy smooth-concrete floor room that it was a shared architects' space, with desks rented out, which is a common practise in the city when you're a young architect. But no, said Bernadette, this is all us. Check out their website. Major animation going on. Anyway, the unprepossessing rooftop, baking hot, grabbed me, and I sent back a very quick sketch - far below. They love it and I'm going to develop.

They were very budget conscious and I suggested chopping their existing deck into modules to save money. Each "pad" would perform a functin: barbecue pad, meeting pad, chillpad, with the inbetween islands being prairie grass, a small amelanchier forest (pie!), and a turf island for picnics. I'm excited..this is goign to be fun. Best of all, they like the idea enough to pay more they wanted to in the beginning and are considering putting in a new deck. So new modules all round.


  1. I love the idea of the deck pads and the plant palette - it's going to look yum and be an awesome place to BE in. So different from the planters lined against the wall thing - you're onto something new here. Keep us posted!

  2. oh - in the interests of transcontinental communication: Marie - how exactly do you translate bedondered? And a tip for NYers: there's silent 'd' in it - figure out which.

  3. Bedondered.Um. Verby? No, that's no use. "For Africa?", nope. Is this a particularly African concept perhaps? Greenroofs coming out of your ears?

  4. As a South African i am not quite sure how you are using the word "bedondered". It loosely translates to "nuts, crazy,mad or grumpy"
    Great greenroof though.

  5. Growing up, if there was an awful lot of something, we would say, for instance, Daar was tjops bedondered by daai braai, etc. Maybe it was a Free state thing,

  6. That's so funny :0) Apparently there are 101 ways to use the word. I actually used the word yesterday when my 16 year old son looked really grumpy. I said " why do you look so bedondered"? And that's why I googled the word so I could define it. There are a number of afrikaans words that are pretty humerous.


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