Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cherry Season

One of the main reasons I love my terrace is because I can eat outside. Everything tastes better there. Despite the fact that I loathe the hot sticky New York summer, it does mean that breakfast and dinner can be outside. Cherries have been delicious for a week or so now, and I put them in my Turkish bowls in honour of Bevan who always writes to tell me when he can buy them in Istanbul. Mine come from a greengrocer on Atlantic between Court and Clinton - whose name I don't know despite the fact that I'm there almost every day. Billie, a partner at the grocers, took a box right off a truck that was delivering them and opened it for me so that I didn't have to come back later...Cool, plump, crisp, sweet. The cherries, not Billie.
The cheese is Robiola Due Latte, a present from Chris (purchased from The Deathstar, aka the new Wholefoods - whole wallet - on East Houston), and the salad is watermelon, Persian cucumber, French feta from Sahadi's, and mint from the terrace. Can't have too much mint!

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