Monday, June 4, 2007

The New Garden

Lovely, undulating thicket.

Hudsonia tomentosa...beach heather.

Prunus serotina...wild black cherry.

So this was very inspiring. Dan and Nancy sent us on a trek by bike and foot to the Sunken Forest, a preserve on Fire Island where the original dune habitats are still intact. Over the first dune is this (suddenly quiet, as the waves have been muffled) scrubby interior characterized yesterday by the warm scent of the dune heather and wild black cherries in full bloom. Something like honey and a little powdered mustard. The cherries, beach plums and native hollies have all been moulded by wind into natural hedges punctuated by pitch pines and junipers. So I think this may be perfect for a terrace with a lot of sun and a possibly harsh exposure (NW in Manhattan)...I can't wait to implement it. Maybe on a new Central Park West project.

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