Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Virtual gardening

Last night's snack of pickled field garlic (Allium vineale, apparently despised by the guru of American foraging, Euell Gibbons! - we disagree) with a glass of cold Oyster Bay. It's the last of the garlic - almost time to gather more. And my turquoise planner, which has not been opened in 6 days - a bad sign, and overdue. I still like planning on paper. My personal seeds ordered for this year's crops on the roof (more pots are needed). Still thinking about seeds to plant in my Edibles on the Edge class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in mid April. A Web-digression, researching the safety of plastic pots for food crops. A dearth of information. We drink water from plastic (actually, I don't, I think it's the biggest scam, ever - I drink from taps), eat food from plastic, have our water transported in PVC pipes, but what about food-growing? Interesting question. Lists made, a supper of celery risotto cooked and eaten. A bag of Organic Mechanics potting soil waiting for daylight on the terrace...

Today I will sow my Physalis seeds (known in South Africa and the UK as Cape gooseberries, ground cherries here in the States and now marketed as goldenberries, too - yesterday I saw the fruit for sale at The Garden of Eden on Montague Street, grown in South America). I am very curious to see whether mine will produce fruit. I may have lots of seedlings to give away.

The seeds I ordered? Several tomatoes - realistically, my most abundant crops have always been tomatoes and cucumber, as pedestrian as that may seem, but hey. Look at the variety available and the pedestrian becomes quite exciting. Lemon and bush cucumbers, black, yellow, green, red and striped heirloom tomatoes. Also on the list, fava beans and peas for their sweet green shoots,  black pasilla peppers, sweet purple peppers, two types of squash, skinny eggplants, shiso -wondering if I'll actually eat it - and various salad crops. And I know I'll succumb to more temptation as soon as I set foot in any store with a whiff of gardening in it.

Also on the terrace, a bag of rose food waiting, and brand new starter pots ready for soil. Let the games begin.
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