Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, the last in March

Happy Monday.

We spent Saturday in Inwood Hill Park, eschewing our usual route to the river and walking on paths new to us. We met friendly strangers who showed us an owl perched sleepily on a high, hanging limb (a "widow maker" in forestry parlance), and another who draws geometry on the forest floor. We found flowers and field garlic amongst the dry winter leaves and daylily bulbs and garlic mustard, too. Low branches meeting above our heads were bowers of spicebush (Lindera benzoin) in pale yellow bloom. The park, where broken wrought iron lamp poles seemed post apocalyptic along the crumbling paths, was empty in its wooded depths and filled with baseball players on its lawned fringes.

Sunday, and much gardening. Funny, for such a small place. Horticultural and practical issues were addressed. Then field garlic was cleaned, supper cooked and eaten, with some hilarity and backtalk from the cat.

Now it is Monday, and we must be serious again.

Hopefully, in the pauses, Ill be able to post some pictures from the forest at Manhattan's northern tip. Come back and visit again tomorrow...

(And protect your seedlings, if you have any, locally. A freeze is coming.)
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