Friday, March 2, 2012

How to begin

Breakfast. Sometimes this is as good as it gets. This moment. The coffee is hot. The toast's butter is still melting at the edges. The smell of jam and coffee mingle. Nothing has been tasted. This is the beginning. It is very exciting.

The coffee is Danish Supreme  ground to order at Sahadi's. The milk is fluffed in the fluffer purchased at Pick 'n Pay in Constantia, Cape Town, where milk fluffers are ordinary enough to be sold on supermarket shelves. The D'Arbo jam is Austrian, and not too sweet. The cup comes from Anthropologie. These things can anchor a day.

If I have played my coffee cards right, and not allowed the stovetop espresso maker to work overtime, or overdone or underdone the sugar, the first sip does not disappoint. I would be happy to arrest life right there.

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