Monday, March 12, 2012

Karen's smashing chicken of the woods

Photo: Karen Bekker

You remember that chicken of the woods (Lactarius cincinnatus) that grew sneakily in Cape Town, the week after I left the city that is wrapped around a mountain and surrounded by the sea?

Well, Karen, who blogs at Smashing Cape Town, met the challenge, followed my directions like a blood hound on a hot scent, and found it. Then she took it home, cooked it, photographed it and ate it. Beautifully.

Good girl!

Read about it on her blog.


  1. And, isn't that a great example of how small this blogger world really is!

  2. I just wish I had taken more Marie....I was far too restrained in my slicing and feeling a little awkward after an elderly walker stopped me to ask if it was a magic mushroom I had just picked!!
    I assured her it was only magic in that it tasted so good x


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