Monday, July 11, 2011

July flowers

The strawberries keep on strawberrying, the roses are hot and small. The cilantro and Thai basil were picked last night for the first time and eaten with banh mi (made with leaf wrap filling, this time), along with lots of mint. Time to do something with the summer savoury.

The Dunyzades and the nameless yellow lily are in full bloom. One wonders what is next. There is a lot of summer left. This is the unflattering view of the terrace, Friedrich-dominated. Though what we would do without the airconditioner on a day like today...

I am thinking of asking the landlord whether he would consider sponsoring some cans of silver paint for the roof. It has been spottily painted over two third's of its surface and every little blackness that shows through sucks up and retains the sun's heat which heats our rooftop eyrie unbearably. In our neighbour's apartment - we share a wall -  where we were feeding and amusing  her cats last week while she was on vacation, I noticed a considerable difference in temperature. Her building's roof is beautifully silver.

Then there is the maxim to consider: Let sleeping landlords lie?
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