Friday, July 8, 2011

Button bush in the Midwood

Cephalanthus occidentalis

I got to know this pretty little tree in the BBG's native garden last summer, where it grows with its feet in a bog. It is hardy from zones 5-9, and is a good choice for damp spots in dappled shade or sun. 

I saw this one in the woods on Tuesday, as we met for Litter Mob 5. We were a tiny group - Inge, Olga and myself, but were given a boost by the presence of David's Youth Crew, who helped out before charging off in a truck. 

Jessica, another Natural Resources (Alliance) staff member, showed us how to put up temporay fencing for an area that is being trampled. Inge took a mattock to a compacted path. I cut and twisted wires and hammered in rebar

The woods were much cleaner in some areas. I'll post our fence-making, woodland-reclaiming pictures tomorrow.

To that end I have created a blog dedicated to the Litter Mob's activities: Previous litter posts have been copied and pasted there. Let me know if the layout looks weird, is too wordy...any feedback welcome.

All subsequent litter news will be posted there. Comments welcome. Additional authors sought. 

There's a new post there now.
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