Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lock up your cats

A black cat's Halloween begins. We are grateful - just this evening - that our buzzer does not work, or we might be besieged by small angry children demanding candy. One shoved aside a nun (a real nun) at the cash register at The Wild Olive earlier (most stores have buckets of cheap candy at the ready) - we were buying leaves and tamarind, to offset our hugely unhealthy and deeply satisfying Dagwood supper, later. Anyone know what Dagwood is? When we were little, we pronounced it Dagword. My mother produced it rarely, as a treat.

Vince says that if aliens are watching us from outer space today they'll be puzzled by the roar of tears that rises, rolling East Coast to West Coast in about...3 minutes from now.


  1. No, but I would like to know. I pictured one of the enormous sandwiches in the comic strip a sort of club sandwich doubled with ham and cheese and pickles dripping out.
    I woke up once while staying overnight with my grandparents in Queens and they were dancing (foxtrot, black bottom?) in their little living room. On a side table were some enormous sandwiches with ham and cheese and pickle on rye. And there also so enormous drinks made with bitter lemon.
    They seemed very happy and I hope you are too.

    1. Jeepers, Deidre, that is a story that could open a book. Beautiful, beautiful image.

      And yes, a very similar sandwich, just wrapped and warmed.

  2. I always say the aliens would be confused by our Thanksgiving holiday here in America. For one long weekend, everyone gets busy and flies here, drives there, goes up and down by train, all to sit down to eat a turkey and then do it in reverse. Happy Halloween.


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