Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fire cat

There was a huge commotion on Atlantic Avenue yesterday, opposite Sahadi's. Vince saw it: smoke, fire trucks, an FDNY mobile disaster preparedness medical unit, and a line of ambulances, pulling up one by one. The whole avenue was shut off right down to the BQE. It seemed major.

When we went out later to shop for supper, there was just some mopping up near the cordoned-off basement area of one of the two side-by-side Middle Eastern shops, where the fire seemed to have broken out.

But on the sidewalk outside, was this shop cat. I know it, from one of those Middle Eastern stores. It was grubby down one side, as though it too, had been in the smoke. But it wasn't afraid or darting about, just very interested in what was happening. A cool, working cat.


  1. Love it when I stumble across a store that has a kitty! Glad the kitty is OK.

  2. Cats have that wonderful self-preservation instinct coupled with their desire to poke their furry noses in and see what's happening...hurrah for the fire cat.

  3. I think I know that cat! Certainly one very like it, which often sat in the doorway. Sometimes, I'd stop and say hello to the cat. It never ran away, but looked with disdain...
    Very pleased it was not hurt.

  4. Lovely story and beautiful cat....but, not an 'it'


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