Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The original smart car

I have spent the day with small cars. This one, around the corner, in Cobble Hill, was very sweet.

Then I was chauffered - yes - to Central Park in one of the fleet of Mini Coopers that belongs to the Peninsula Hotel. That Mini has wifi, should you want it. I was accompanying a reporter on the wild edibles walk that the Peninsula offers its guests, and I left him tucking into a little picnic set up just for him. Other pic
nickers were dotted about on the grass of the wide lawn, and few yards away a homeless person slumbered.

Now, back to changing our utility bills and services to our new address, packing a few more boxes, processing some photos, writing some gardening tips for Botanical Interests' seed catalog, some point, thinking about supper.

Three days to go.


  1. That's a Mr. Bean car!

    I will be thinking about you three on Move Day. I hope Don E. loves his new digs and that nothing breaks during the move.

  2. Good luck on move day....hopefully nothing is broken or misplaced. And good luck in finding your lovely new table ;-D

  3. We had a Fiat just like that, in white, when I was a kid in Italy while my dad was stationed there. One of my favorite photos of my dad is one of him standing in the yard, big smile on his face, leaning his elbow on the top of that incredibly tiny car. Imagine three children and two adults in there.

    1. That is a lovely story!

      When I told Vince, he said that he and four friends would pile into one to drive from flight school in Chicoutimi to Montreal - 500kms. I can't quite picture it.

  4. How adorable - I want one of those red little cars!
    & I bet looking back, the little picnic you made for the reporter will be one of his fondest memories of his job.

    1. ...Ah, no - The Peninsula's chef made the picnic :-)


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