Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Others

Don't ask. I don't know.

There may have been a film crew, nearby.


  1. Striking photo, whatever they were up to -- it had to have been planned, the coordination of colour in their outfits, don't you think? The leather in his mask echoes that in her shoes, his red case the same red as punctuates her dress, their matching greys. . . . and I must say, that gesture of his right hand across his chest moves me. Not sure how, not sure why, but it's a compelling shot. . . .

  2. I admire your composure and ability to take some time for yourself. We moved on September 4th and today I'm unpacking the last of the the real job starts, where do I put it all? No terrace here, but my window sills are covered. I wonder how my Cape Cod garden is faring.....I saw it last late September...Hope it all goes well for you. GH

  3. How bizarre and yet what a great photo.

  4. I'm vaguely remembering a piece in a distance running book (maybe about Prefontaine?) about a guy looking to get an edge. He trained in a gas mask on occasion to push his oxygen starved muscles and lungs. Hopefully Vince came across this somewhere too. I've mentioned it to others and always get blank stares :)

  5. Sell it to Shutterstock!
    Maybe he needs the mask to cope with the nasty smell in Congress...

  6. I'd love to know the backstory on this one :-D Good for you for having the presence of mind to take the photo. I would have gawked and then kicked myself for not taking the photo. Are Estrobo's tests results back yet? Wishing the best for him and his keetens.


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